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Offer to Partners - Media and Marketing Plans with Airshowinfo


Our website is based on the in 2007 and has since been one of the top domestic aviation section, and one of Europe's most popular airline website has evolved into a day. Basic mission to the airshow audience interested in a reliable and comprehensive worldwide information equip them for the event to which you want to visit. This successful format has evolved a lot over the years and now has a stable readership and we have many partners.

The several events appeared mediation, as a result of media work, and the team made numerous photos and videos around the world.

Partner Program - Opened from 17th of February

Our team is offering its acquired experience and its brand's advantageous services to its airshow event organiser partners at an affordable price. The cooperation can be achieved on several levels, ranging from a free media partnership to a premium partner plan with many advantages especially in terms of advertising. We are offering great reach for Low monthly fee. Our website is working with targeted audience, our visitors include average airshow visitors to trade visitors and photographers. Ergo the offered high reach is for a segmented audience.

What does it mean in numbers?
For example, our website took a major role in the marketing of the open day on the Air Base of the Heavy Airlift Wing in Pápa, Hungary. Before the event, the news and information regarding the open day reached more than 70,000 active users, and because of that more than ten thousand people visited the event in one day. (important to note that it was not an airshow, it was an open day without flying display program!)

Our website have come a long way, and developed a lot both technically and regarding number of visitors (especially returning visitors). Airshowinfo has specialized surfaces and is carefully prepared to be suitable to meet the needs of interested visitors at every aspect. Briefly, the design and transparency of the portal, the experience and insight of our team also helps in creating information pages, which offers every information any visitor need to know about an event.

Our aim is to draw attention to our partners’ airshow from this hundreds, even thousands of events worldwide. The concept includes advantageous free media partnership package with a data page and limited advertisement time. We also offer more valuable marketing packages with extra advantages, in order to reach tens of thousands of people, and the possibility to display advertisement on social networks. In addition, each package contains extra different functions according to the package value.

Our already registered partners for season 2017

Please find our prices and detailed services below:

  • Media Partner Plan

    USD 0,00 /month

  • Airshow event informations sheet
  • Entry ticket sales
  • Continuous updates (weekly)
  • Disclosure of event information on social pages
  • Send and Forward inspected messages and offers from partners, providers etc.
  • Featured Partner Plan

    USD 79,00 /month

  • Airshow event informations sheet
  • Entry ticket sales
  • Continuous updates (actual, daily)
  • More intense Disclosure of event information on social pages
  • Monthly 1 sponsored/boosted Facebook publication / 20-40,000 people reach in a month
  • Featured Information Sheet in schedule + show in the map
  • Information sheet in the Index page (box-view under slider)
  • Sharing event news on news portal page (5 / month)
  • Send and Forward inspected messages and offers from partners, providers etc.
  • Premium Partner Plan

    USD 129,00 /month

  • Airshow event informations sheet
  • Entry ticket sales
  • Continuous updates (actual, daily)
  • More intense Disclosure of event information on social pages
  • Monthly 2 sponsored/boosted Facebook publication / 40-80,000 people reach in a month
  • Featured Information Sheet in schedule + show in the map
  • Information sheet in the Index page (main slider-view)
  • Sharing event news on news portal page (unlimited)
  • Advertising spaces on other sites of
  • Send and Forward inspected messages and offers from partners, providers etc.
  • Custom services / like Volunteer / Participant Application Form etc.

Service Details

  • Airshow Informative Data Sheets

    It has been proven that airshow data sheet pages are effective to our guests, who can find every important informations regarding the airshow events in one place like general informations, programs, participants, places, dates, maps, parking and transport tips. The surface is easy to understand and spectacular made by our team with great airshow experience. Our data sheet pages are formed by years adapted to the needs of the visitors. Our partners are also can sell their airshow entry tickets too, to open a new but so effective Sales Channel. The data sheets are under continuous update , and updates are always shared on our social pages as well.

  • Social Pages and Sponsored Ads

    One of the most important part of our offer. Our social pages are basically have great weekly reach, and a huge fan base who interested about airshows, then tens of thousands of segmented airshow fans can see airshow news during the season week-by-week. We are offering the the potential of our Facebook and other social pages, with the most effective advertising form: Facebook Boosts.

    Our two monthly fee packages are both included one or two (or smaller, further split) monhly sponsored advertisments on our Facebook page. This kind of ads can reach thousands of people in days. Visitors and Facebook users can see the informations from a reliable source and we think it is also important. During the discussions you can specify the target audience (by country, language, interests, age etc.).

    Important notice, that sposored advertisments can run for different period, we can provide campaigns from 5 days to 30 days.

  • Data Sheet highlighting

    With highlighting your event in our website you can reach more visitors. We are highlighting your event in our schedule and home page too for a greater reach and awareness. As it is mentoined on our price table we are offering two kind of enhancement on our home page. In our Featured Partner plan package you will get an informative box under our main slider, but in the Partner Package, your event will be placed in the slider. The slider can contain more events, the hierarchy depends on the time remaining until the event, so events are first which date is nearest to the point.

  • Aviation Event Ticketing

    We are offering many kind of possibility for ticketing. Its important to be determined during the event's registration. Airshowinfo have the appropriate infrastructure and technology background to handle entry ticket sales on its surfaces. You can choose from more kind of opportunity to sale your tickets, like affiliate partnership, but we can sale your tickets through our webshop or we can help to to set up technically an online ticketing campaign with sales surface with all of the necessary conditions. So in brief, we adapt to you.. If you have technical background for online sales we can build it on our website but if you do not have possibility to sale your entry tickets online, we can help to you to start your online ticketing to your event.


The performance of services priority of simplicity. The online application takes place through the web shop interface through which you can choose from several payment methods, if you choose the premium or highlighted packages. Claiming free media partnership program is a simple registration form. Additional marketing packages can be purchased through the already mentioned webpage. Clicking the request button will direct you to the web shop cart, where with the quantitative factors settings you can specify the number of months needed. By default, the set is one month of course. Before purchasing the service, of course, you need to accept the terms and conditions, which also cover the service and make it effective. The purchase can be completed in three different form of payments, bank transfer (in this case the turnaround and transfer, processing time is two to four days working days) or credit card payment, through the Stripe secure payment system. In the latter two cases, the order will be processed within one working day, while services will take effect within three working days (the highlights, the existence of the data sheet, will be provided within 3 working days) Other issues, that is for example, advertising campaigns, the possibility of ticket sales, after processing, can be claimed with a form completion. Based on these informations a monthly campaign plan will be compiled, and the technical performance of the requested services process (such as the implementation of ticket sales) will be documented, which will be sent to you for verification, before finalisation.

The requested service, after expirationy of the service, we will send a PDF documentary with the statistical summary, and it's effectiveness.

Why to choose us?

  • Established, Ten-year-old Brand
  • Segmented reader base, interested in airshow
  • Appropriate technical background
  • Media work experiences
  • Providing a spectacular illustration surface
  • Professional Team with great airshow related experience
  • Reliable Background

  • Important informations

    Please find more informations about pricing and conditions in the following: Partner Pricing page

    You can find Terms of Service agreement in the following link: AGREEMENT