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Strizhi could change to MiG-35

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The Russian Knights made its debut with the new Su-30SM aircrafts at the LIMA Airshow this week in Malaysia. During the show there was an other very interesting announcement by the commander of the Russian Air Force regarding Strizhi Aerobatic Team and its future... 

As we reported the Russian Knights changed its Su-27s to the brand new Su-30SM aircraft. The first display by the team has happened this week at LIMA 2017, Malaysia. The team participated with four Su-30 on the event and performed beautiful formation passes and impressive solo displays. During the trade event there was a moment for the other aerobatic team of the Russian Air Force, the Strizhi or Swifts. According to the  commander of the Russian Air Force Lieutenant-General Andrei Yudin Strizhi is also before a significant change in terms of the team's aircrafts. The team is using six MiG-29 Fulcrum aircraft at the moment and according to commander Yudin, the team will receive the most modern MiG aircraft, the MiG-35 in the future. The first MiG-35 aircraft are planned to be delivered to the Russian Air Force next year, so the team can also expect for new aircraft within two years. There are no informationa bout the date of change to the new type, but now its also it showed that the Air Force already informed the team about the new aircrafts. 


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