One of the biggest oldtimer meeting will be in 2016 for 3 days in Germany near Stuttgart at the Segelfluggelände Kirchheim.
The Czech Air Force is planning to replace the Mi-24/Mi-35 helo in the future.
Slovakia does not have the money for the Gripen, MiGs will likely stay in service. 
5 years ago, the MiG-29 fleet of the Hungarian Air Force was withdrawn definitely.
In 2016, two Squadrons from the German Air Force will celebrate it's 55 years in June.
Eight A-10 Warthogs landed in Hungary, Pápa AFB for the Thunder Cloud 2015 exercise. The 74th Fighter Squadron deployed before the summer to Europe during the Operation Atlantic Resolve.
Tony De Bruyn pilot of the Bronco Demo Team, was so kind to give us an interview, looking back at 2015 and looking forward to 2016.
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