More than 25,000 spectators came to see the static and flying displays of annual airshow at Pardubice airfield which took place on 6th and 7th June 2015. The Pardubice airshow is focused on showing all different kinds of aviation, connected with the ground displays by reenacting groups. The 25th edition was subtitled „25 years of the legend“.
When we think about an airshow, usually what comes to our mind is a huge (and costy) event, tens of thousands people visiting the place and dozens of the aircrafts in the air and on the ground. This is partially true as most of the reports we share are from those fabulous airshows all over the world.
The Jackal Cave 2015 was a joint Hungarian-Croatian-US excersise, between all three countries special forces, plus with regular armed force and the Hungarian Air Force. A media day was held on the last day. Video also included.
Over 50,000 spectators visited the 21st Tactical Air Force Base in Caslav last Saturday to see the static and flying displays of 2015 edition of the Open Day.
The well-known Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team, previously known as the Chrudim Four (Chrudimská čtyřka) and Sky Box, is an inherent part of the Aviation Fair program. This year is no exception, yet the current performance will be a premiere.
During the press conference held at 21st Tactical Air Base in Caslav on Friday, 22nd May, the Czech Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky has said the Czech Republic was asked by NATO to join Icelandic Air Policing again this year. 
The third edition of the international flying excercise Lion Effort 2015 is already completed. The excercise, organized every three years by nations associated in the Gripen Users Group, took place in 21st Tactical Air Force Base in Caslav, Czech Republic.
The official celebration of the 10th Gripen anniversary in the Czech Air Force took place in the morning on 22nd May 2015, at the 21st Air Force Base in Caslav.
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