Shipping Informations

Detailed Shipping Informations

We are selling products of third party partners without making stock. The products are dispatched from external storages with different delivery times and maybe with some additional costs! Most of the shipping options are free, if its not it is indicated on the product’s page.

Shipping and Delivery Details

Shipping Details and informing

We are offering products from different partners and get them from external stocks. Delivery times would be different for each product category and manufacturer.

Shipping informations are indicated for each product on our store on the bottom of the product page in “Details” tab.

When Can I Get the Product?

As regards the costs the delivery times are also different for each product category. With the shipping price, this information is also indicated on every product page on “Details” tab in the bottom.

* Please take into consideration if you choose “Bank Transfer” as payment method we can start the delivery only after the amount is received. After the amount is received the order will be completed and dispatching will be started. From this time the delivery is started and the delivery information below to apply.

* If you choose Credit Card Payment (via Stripe in safe payment environment, this process is faster and the order may be completed withiin 1 working day at max. 


Antonio Products 5-14 Working Days *International Shipping

How much are the shipping costs?

IMPORTANT: Shipping cost are may be disparate for different products. Please check shipping costs on the website under the products. The costs are marked in the “Details” tab in the lower information table.

I have ordered products from different manufacturers, why I go only one package?

If you are purchasing different products from different manufacturers, it could happen that you will get more packages with excursive delivery times.

The reason for it, we have more partners contracted in dropshipping business and because we do not have storage! Every products are from our partners and external storages!