MiG-15 Flight in the Czech Republic

MiG-15 Flight in the Czech Republic


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Fly with a real Fighter Jet in the Czech Republic, with the legendary MiG-15UTI. Choose your date to fly and book it with a click, quick at Airshowinfo webshop! Before booking please read the description carefully below!



Interested in flying jet fighters? We’re offering you the chance to obtain a type rating certificate for the MIG 15 aircraft. The training takes place at Hradec Králové airport and involves a demonstration lesson including a test flight.

Time of the Flight 20 minutes
The flight program consists: Looping, Rolls, Immelman, extreme high-speed low level flying etc. The flight program will be discussed with client and custom-tailored to client preferences.
Price Includes Flight + Your Flight Video
Flight Video Details Taken with 3 cameras on board, 1 on the wing, 1 on the tail and 1 on the belly.

Conditions: please read them carefully what’s are the main requirements to with the MiG-15 fighter aircraft.

The official conditions for aerobatics are:

  • visibility 5 km
  • lower level clouds 5000 ft – 8/8
  • limit crosswind 90° right/left is 10 m/s

If the current weather not met the conditions prescribed, the flight may be rescheduled! You will be informed about weather conditins 3 days before the booked date of flight! 

IMPORTANT Medical conditions which prevent participation in the flight:

Cardiovascular diseases
Unstable AP, angina at rest, state after heart attack (uncomplicated 3 months ago, complicated 6 months ago)
Decompensated heart failure.
Untreated or insufficiently compensated arterial hypertension and ventricular arrhythmia, coronary by-pass or PTCA 3 months ago.

Respiratory diseases
Severe chronic lung disease (asthma bronchiale), non-resorbed lung/pleural effusion
States with dyspnoea at rest and cyanosis, hypoxemia at rest
Active bronchospasm

Diseases of the nervous system

Psychiatric diseases
State after brain stroke less than 3 months ago
Untreatable epilepsy
Intracranial hypertensione
Psychotic states, claustrophobia

Infectious diseases
All contagious diseases, incl. active TBC

Surgical interventions
State after surgical intervention in the thoracic and abdominal cavity (less than 3 months ago)
State after haemorrhage in the digestive tract less than 3 months ago.
Pneumothorax, presence of air in the abdominal peritoneal cavity (less than 2 months ago)
Plaster bandage

Diseases of the ear, nose and larynx
Acute otitis media or sinusitis
State after the middle or inner ear surgery (required assessment of an otorhinolaryngologist)
States with blockage of Eustachian tube

Blood diseases
Severe anaemia

Eye diseases
Diabetic retinopathy and retinal haemorrhage
Intraocular surgical intervention (cataract removal less than 2 months ago)

Pregnancy – always

Flight Place in Map  – Hradec Králové Airport (LKHK) 50°15´15″ N – 015°50´43″ E

The Price is includes the VAT!

Additional information

Country of Flight

Czech Republic